Covid-19 Statement

We hope everyone has been able to remain safe and well since the unwanted arrival of Covid-19 earlier this year.

Since we set up Wild Insights there have been occasional challenges - the ash cloud from Iceland, an earthquake in Costa Rica and of course 9/11 but nothing to compare with the events of this year which saw all of our plans disappear over the cliff edge.

We are more fortunate than many - well able to weather the storm and ready to resume activities when the time is right. Our policy right from the outset was to make everyone's health and safety the first priority and, where necessary, postpone events, thereby preserving everyone's bookings as much as possible. For anyone unable to postpone we have provided speedy refunds.  So, rather than trying to travel with all the current chaos and uncertainty, not to mention a general feeling of unease, it has been our intention to be patient and allow proper stability to return. We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming level of understanding everyone has shown in these difficult times.

We know that everyone will understand the considerable financial risk of purchasing flights and/or paying out deposits for accommadation and transport whilst maintaining our refund assurance should cancellation be necessary. This is a risk we cannot sustainably underwrite, hence the policy to postpone until the environment is safe. Without any clear horizon none of us know how long it might take for normality to return and for this reason we have avoided prematurely making decisions, but instead keeping those who are booked on events appropriately informed of the possible risks whilst putting in place potential alternative dates.

We are of course all hopeful for some good news and with so many vaccination programmes progressing around the world it is more likely than not we will hear something positive soon.

So, what about the 2021 calendar? It seems almost unthinkable that we allow a break in this traditional publication and normally this would have been sent out to everyone on our mailing list last month. However we are sure you will understand that putting anything in print against a background of constant change makes little sense so instead we will be producing a virtual calendar for 2021 on this website which will of course show all our plans going forward to the end of 2022. If, by some miracle, life returns to normal before the year end we can consider the option of printing the calendar in the usual way.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on the Calendar page on this website which shows all events listed chronologically. I am pleased to say that Higham Hall has already resumed its series of courses (with appropriate measures). Please check the Calendar page or go straight to the Courses page for details.

You might also like to check on the News page ; one bonus of lockdown has been more time to add news items! We will also be sending out the occasional e-newsletter for those on our e-mailing list.

Thanks again for all the support throughout, keep safe and well and we look forward to resuming activities as soon as we are able.

Keith & Linda