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Blackcaps are not the most visible birds but they are definitely the most audible. Knowing the songs of birds like these is an invaluable skill.
The vocalisations of birds are invaluable aids to help us in their identification but the process of learning them all may seem daunting and never-ending. Fortunately most species have a repertoire which is unique, enabling confident identification, even in the absence of a view. Such calls and songs can also draw our attention to the existence of a bird which may otherwise go un-noticed. This short course will provide the necessary starting point for beginners as well as enabling others, with more experience, to add to their knowledge. Three full days will be spent in the glorious surroundings and varied habitats of the North Lakes at the time of year when birds are at their most vocal.

Regrettably, due to the coronavirus outbreak this event will not proceed this year. However, every effort will be made to run this event again as soon as possible and Higham Hall will be in contact accordingly.
20 - 24 April
4 nights

4 nights - double room occupancy. (single supplement applies to single room occupancy)

Breakfast, Lunch, Evening meal.

Travel costs whilst on event.

Travel costs to and from venue.

Evening meal on last day of event.

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