Who needs nest-boxes?

Marsh-Tit-Shropshire-3-Keith-Offord-lo-res-z8obZc.jpgOne of the unexpected bonuses of the current situation is the daily check of the wood where we have fifty nest-boxes - high quality design made by good friend and regular Wild Insights travelling companion Ed Rowland. We have been keeping a close eye on who is taking up residence and claims have already been staked on many of the boxes, with both Blue and Great Tits making up the majority of occupannts so far. We noticed a pair of Marsh Tits repeatedly busying themselves at one part of the wood away from the nest boxes, the sneeze-like call being a giveaway (but beware of the master impersonator, Great Tit,  doing a very respectable rendition). After a patient watch we saw one bird make a very deliberate approach to the side of a large tree where it promptly disappeared into a hole. A week on and the pair is busily going in and out. So, despite the quality of the boxes we have provided, it would seem that the natural option is the favoured one.