About Wild Insights


Welcome to the Wild Insights website 

For those new to Wild Insights, we believe our approach sets us aside.

We avoid being driven by quantitative targets and our ethical stance reflects this, the welfare of wildlife always coming  first. This means on our tours you will not have to endure (from us) the use of playback bird sounds, ‘pishing’, tree tapping or any other disturbance tactic for that matter. Interestingly, the array of birds and other wildlife we record is actually comparable to others but we achieve this by taking our time and savoring the whole habitat we find ourselves in. We believe that it is possible to have a great holiday and see plenty of wildlife without getting back completely exhausted.

Quality is paramount for us, across all our events. This of course applies to accommodation, transport and food but perhaps just as importantly, to the wildlife itself. The fact that we run all the tours ourselves ensures continuity both in standard and approach.

Those with every level of knowledge and experience are equally welcome on our activities and we find that a mixed group works best. It is by no means unusual for complete beginners to come up with great observations. 

The popularity of our approach is self-evident with over 95% of people joining us on a second trip - or in many cases multiple trips, our programme often being sold out two years ahead.

The Wild Insights calendar has proved a popular idea and gives details of all our activities both home and abroad which we hope will provide something of interest for everyone. Vacancies and further details of all events can be checked at any time by looking at the relevant pages of this website.

Wild Insights activities fall neatly into three categories, colour-coded accordingly:


Here there is a learning element for those who wish to increase their knowledge and identifications skills. I currently run several birdwatching courses at different times of the year at Higham Hall in Cumbria - a fabulous place to spend a few days. I also run a course on wildlife photography at the same venue.


UK Breaks.

There has been a growing demand for the workshop series which started with Raptors and now includes Waders & Wildfowl plus "Little Brown Jobs". The idea here is to focus on one of the more difficult groups. We also run more general birdwatching breaks around the UK and tailor-made events for clubs and societies.


Overseas Tours.

Since setting up Wild Insights we have established a growing list of locations around the world which in our view offer some of the best bird and wildlife watching. Each year we make a selection from our growing menu which hopefully provides interest for regulars and newcomers alike.


We look forward to seeing you.

All images on this website © Keith Offord