Welcome to Shefali!


After five years of looking after the Wild Insights business Louisa Thompson has moved within the Ultimate Travel Company to join the tailor-made team, specialising in Australia and New Zealand. Louisa’s meticulous care and attention to all matters to do with Wild Insights has been an enormous support to us and even through the most challenging times of the pandemic she remained cheerful. Whilst we will miss her, I am enormously grateful for her contributions and delighted she has been able to take up this career move.


In the meantime, we would like to welcome Shefali D’Costa Pednekar who some of you may have already had contact from. Shefali has a passion for travel and has already worked in the Escorted Tours team for some time so she brings valuable experience. Having worked with Louisa it is not surprising that Shefali shares the same ethos, where attention to detail is so important. We look forward very much to working with her. For all Wild Insights overseas tours Shefali’s contact number is  020 386 4697.

As many of you will recall, during the turbulent times of the last two years when, necessarily, The Ultimate Travel Company needed to operate on reduced staffing levels it was Emily Pontifex, Manager of the Escorted tours department who looked after matters. This was a disheartening period where postponement and cancellation seemed to be all that was happening. However, we really appreciated her help during these times and our regular phone calls helped to keep mutual spirits up. Working with Nick van Gruisen and his excellent team at The Ultimate Travel Company has provided a solid back-up during this uncertain time for which we are very grateful.