New 2021 Calendar!


Following many months of uncertainty and rescheduling we were unsure whether it would be possible to produce a 2021 calendar. However, following the great news about the first vaccine authorisation we are delighted to announce that there will be a 2021 Wild Insights calendar and it is being printed as I write this. As soon as we have them they will be in the post to everyone on our mailing list so you will have them well in time for Christmas. Whilst we can at last see the horizon we are not able to anticipate the exact pace at which the vaccine roll-out will happen and the corresponding restoration of life as we knew it before Covid. For this reason events in the first six months are subject to re-scheduling with the second half of the year looking much more predictable. Keep a look out on the Calendar page of this website to see everything we have planned with availabilty.

If you know anyone who might be interested in our activities we would be happy to send the calendar to them.