John Brodie Good


Like ourselves, many will have been shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death, in October this year, of our friend John Brodie Good, Managing Director of WildWings. Prior to moving across to the Ultimate Travel Company we had enjoyed 11 years of great partnership with John and the team at WildWings - especially Sarah, Emma and Wendy. Indeed, it was John who, from the very outset, embraced the Wild Insights concept and over the years that followed, was instrumental in the success that Wild Insights has subsequently enjoyed. Along with his partner Sarah we shared a common objective and it was they who provided the crucial platform upon which Linda and myself were able to operate - an arrangement which only came to a close due to uncertainties about the future. Prior to this Linda and myself had many years of great service from the WildWings team as we explored many parts of the globe.
John's passion as a birdwatcher had been the foundation upon which WildWings was formed - a travel agency focusing on ecotourism - but as time went on, reflected the evolotion of his own interest in cetaceans and mammals. His professionalism, experience and enthusiasm will be greatly missed along with his dry wit and all our thoughts and good wishes go to Sarah at this most difficult time.