The extraordinary Florida Scrub-jay!

It was simply too surreal for words. Arriving at a prime habitat where this beautiful endemic species, the Florida Scrub-jay occurs, little did I think my efforts to see it would be so minimal. Within seconds of being seen, I was 'targetted' and any thoughts of needing to apply the usual caution in order to get a photograph were soon deleted from my mind. The main challenge was to struggle my mobile out of my pocket and get a 'selfie' while the bird still remained interested in me. No food or other enticements were used in this photograph.

It turns out that this is a naturally curious and confiding species - possibly affected by other well-meaning (but misguided) visitors who have provided food. There is the danger that by doing so the Scrub-jays may become dependent on such hand-outs. But it doesn't stop them from trying!